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Hello and a heartfelt welcome to my new blog, SnookerHQ.

Here I will, funnily enough, be discussing all issues snooker related and hope to comprehensively add to a growing online community for the sport.

Some of you may know me already from my days blogging at dcsportonline but DC Sport has retired and SnookerHQ is its budding offspring.

For those that do not already know me, I am an Irish sports journalist who authored DC Sport for almost two years – where I commented on a variety of different sports ranging from football to darts.

However, snooker was always the primary item covered and a mixture of a number of reasons has helped make the decision to specialise solely on the glorious green baize.

There is a dedicated snooker presence online who help spread the good word and provide up-to-date information about the game but the community is still quite small and I am hoping my input will prove insightful.

Also, having spent nearly two years covering a variety of different events I felt the need to hone my skills and take on a fresh challenge.

It is an extremely exciting time for snooker. After many years in the doldrums – on the wider scale of things anyway – Barry Hearn and his team’s initiative over the last 18 months have transformed a sport that has boundless potential.

Three seasons ago, there was less than 10 events of the Main Tour. In the 2011/12 season, that number is rising above 30 and is taking the circuit all around the world.

Like most other snooker websites and blogs out there, I plan to report and comment on all the tournaments as the new season gets fully under way in June.

However, SnookerHQ will hopefully take on a more proactive approach to that of DC Sport with an increased number of interviews conducted – particularly with Irish players in the first few months, some of whom may not be household names.

So I sincerely hope that you all enjoy what I have to say and, as always, I will appreciate any comments and feedback throughout the upcoming season. The interaction makes the journey that extra bit more enjoyable.

David Caulfield (DC)

Footnote: The posts previous to this one are those that were on the 2011 World Championship and originally appeared on the dcsportonline blog.

Creator of SnookerHQ and a journalism graduate, David has been actively reporting on snooker since 2011. He has been published in national publications and has appeared on BBC World News and on talkSPORT radio as an analyst.

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