New Quiz: 100 Snooker Centuries

So now that the Australian Open is finished, we have a respite of around three weeks in the calendar that sees much of July off the green baize.

HINT! Ronnie O'Sullivan is on the list - photo courtesy of Monique Limbos.

HINT! Ronnie O’Sullivan is on the list – photo courtesy of Monique Limbos.

Having less snooker during the summer is fine – indeed, it’s probably the way it should be.

But this stagnated season opener is painful in my opinion and in no way good for the sport, as I previously wrote about in this article at the exact same juncture last year.

So aside from the excellent Pink Ribbon Pro-Am which takes place next week in Gloucester in Paul Mount’s annual support of Breast Cancer Awareness, there’s not much else to do but twiddle our thumbs and wait.

Oh, and take quizzes of course.

Yes, there might as well be something interesting to look forward to daily over the upcoming weeks and, thus, I’ll be bringing back the Quizzes feature over at Sporcle website that was briefly a part of the website back in 2012.

The current quizzes have been updated and I’ll be adding a new one almost daily, so have a look, try your best and, remember, no cheating!

Today’s offering is on the elite batch of players who have compiled a century of centuries throughout their careers.

Stats have been taken from the wonderful CueTracker website so if you feel there’s something amiss, eh, blame him!

Click here for the quiz!

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