QUIZ! Snooker’s Sweet 16

Snooker in the World Games gets under way today in Poland with 16 players bidding for global gold in Wroclaw.

The number 16 has a special connection with the sport of snooker, having signalled the elite bracket in the game pretty much ever since world rankings came into effect in the 1970s.

Up until 2010, possessing membership of the top 16 resulted in widespread protection on the circuit for an entire season with guaranteed entry into the last 32 of every ranking event.

Those days have long since passed with the introduction of flat 128 draws for the majority of big tournaments.

However, the top 16 still holds plenty of meaning with the players and fans alike.

Its most important function in today’s game is to provide qualification for the lucrative and prestigious Masters event at the Alexandra Palace every January.

But even without that incentive, the top 16 is a milestone in the rankings that every young cueist strives for in their career.

Since 1976, there have been 86 players who have achieved a top 16 status at least once.

The question is, can you name them?

Click here to take the quiz!

NOTE: Players who share the same surname with another player should be written in full.


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  1. Trum dang ronni de nyed nyk fevorite yindo….
    Shemb khes ang yakpu du…..

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