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Jack Lisowski – Player Profile, Career Summary, Stats

Jack Lisowski Player Profile

Jack Lisowski Stats
Date of birth: 25 June, 1991
Nationality: England
First turned professional: 2010
Highest ranking: 10
Ranking titles: 0
Triple Crown titles: 0
Crucible best: quarter-final
Masters appearances: 5
147 breaks: 1

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Jack Lisowski first turned professional in 2010, the same year in which he won the prestigious English Amateur Championship.

Prior to that, the Englishman suffered from Hodgkin lymphoma, and he availed of the Paul Hunter Scholarship that allowed him practice time with professional players.

Lisowski quickly showed his promise on the Main Tour, and in only his third start as a pro he reached the final of a minor-ranking event.

Indeed, a more than respectable opening season saw him immediately break into the top 64, and many were predicting big things from the Cheltenham cueist.

It took a while to achieve any degree of consistency and there was a spell when his professional status was in jeopardy, but Lisowski’s trajectory turned around in 2017.

After reaching the business end of several events, he embarked on a run to a maiden ranking final a year later at the Riga Masters.

Defeat to Australian Neil Robertson would spark an unenviable streak of defeats in title deciders that he’s still trying to snap.


Since 2018, despite reaching a career-high of number ten in the rankings list, Lisowski has appeared in six ranking event finals and lost them all.

The player known as Jackpot boasts arguably the most natural talent of anybody in the game, and he is a joy to watch when in full flow.

Yet, his lack of a B-game when things are going against him has held him back.

In 2022, Lisowski began working with former world champion Peter Ebdon, a tactical mastermind during his heyday, in an effort to improve his all-round standard.

Still only 31 heading into the 2022/23 snooker season, there is still plenty of time for Lisowski to secure the achievements that his talent merits.

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Jack Lisowski Player Profile

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Pink★★★★★★world champion; 10+ ranking titles; multiple winner of triple crown events; member of top 2; 15+ seasons in top 16 (at least 3)
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Brown★★★★2+ ranking titles; member of top 8; triple crown event finalist; 8+ seasons in the top 16 (at least 2)
Green★★★ranking title; member of top 16 (at least 1)
Yellow★★member of top 64

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