SnookerHQ offers daily coverage of professional snooker, with an additional insight into the Irish amateur scene.

Launched in Dublin in May 2011, a huge body of articles has been posted to date, including match reports, features, interviews, podcasts, and quizzes.

It is the aim of SnookerHQ to provide well-written, quality content from the world of snooker.

SnookerHQ often features at the top of Google News searches and has an active following on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The SnookerHQ team hopes you enjoy the website and we always looks forward to hearing any of your comments.

David Caulfield
SnookerHQ Administrator and Editor

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  1. Well done – lovely site and lots of great snooker content.

    Would be worthwhile to consider a section on where you can play snooker in Ireland. Snooker venues are a dying breed and a one-stop shop that was updated with all the known active venues would be handy. Doing your bit to help bring on the next Krafty Ken.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the comment and for visiting the site, both much appreciated. That’s an excellent idea – I’ll get working on a list of active clubs and their locations. The winter months always attract more interest so will be good timing to have a database to refer to. Cheers.

  2. Good man David – you can probably get a jump start in this by going to the Irish snooker governing body who probably have a list/database. Then just a case of confirming they’re still up and running and build it out from there.

    I’m fond of the odd punt so a little section on tips for the upcoming tournaments with an option for users to leave comments might be nice…..

    Anyway, I’ll stop lecturing. Best of luck.


  3. David

    Derek Kiely here, hope you are well. I am getting ready preparing the Munster and All Ireland Snooker Club Championship Facebook Pages if you want to link to those pages feel free, the draw for the Munsters is on next Tuesday evening at the AOH SC in Cork at 6.30pm. I will have the All Ireland Snooker Club Championship Draw on the page in January.


    • Hi Derek,

      I generally write a bit on the All-Irelands in January anyway but if you send me the info to my email address then I’ll do my best to write as much as possible in the build-up. I’ll also link to your Facebook pages then.