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Mark Selby – Player Profile, Career Summary, Stats

Mark Selby Player Profile

Mark Selby Stats
Date of birth: 19 June, 1983
Nationality: England
First turned professional: 1999
Highest ranking: 1
Ranking titles: 21
Triple Crown titles: 9
Crucible best: champion (4 times)
Masters appearances: 17
147 breaks: 5

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Mark Selby first turned professional all the way back in 1999, and he has proceeded to carve out a legendary career for himself.

The Jester has built a reputation for himself as being the ‘master of brinkmanship’ and a competitor who rarely loses in big-match finals.

But that wasn’t always the case, and Selby in fact lost eight out of his first 11 ranking event finals between 2003 and 2014.

There had been plenty of seeds sewn regarding his overall potential by the time the 2014 World Snooker Championship came along, however.

Just over six years earlier, Selby won the first of a famous hat-trick of Masters titles in London, and soon after landed a maiden ranking title too.

In the Welsh Open final of 2008, Selby fought back from 8-5 behind to deny Ronnie O’Sullivan in a decider, and so one of the greatest rivalries in the sport was born.

The pair traded blows in Masters finals between 2009 and 2014, but it was in the latter year’s edition of the World Championship at the Crucible where Selby’s career transformed forever.

Fighting back from a 10-5 deficit, Selby tortured the Rocket into submission with what had become his trademark tactical prowess.


Further world titles came in 2016, 2017, and 2021 as the Leicester man firmly established himself as one of the all-time greats.

Selby’s overall consistency over that period was similarly reflected in his dominance at the top of the rankings list.

Between 2012 and 2018, he was an ever-present at the top of the standings and finished each season during that spell as the world number one.

After winning his fourth world title, Selby endured a dip in form that culminated in him revealing his long-term battle with depression.

But despite that battle away from the table, he was still able to gain wins on it – highlighted by a ten-year streak of capturing at least one ranking title in each calendar year between 2014 and 2023.

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Ranking Event Victories

  1. 2008 Welsh Open
  2. 2011 Shanghai Masters
  3. 2012 UK Championship
  4. 2014 World Snooker Championship
  5. 2015 German Masters
  6. 2015 China Open
  7. 2016 World Snooker Championship
  8. 2016 Paul Hunter Classic
  9. 2016 International Championship
  10. 2016 UK Championship
  11. 2017 China Open
  12. 2017 World Snooker Championship
  13. 2017 International Championship
  14. 2018 China Open
  15. 2018 China Championship
  16. 2019 English Open
  17. 2019 Scottish Open
  18. 2020 European Masters
  19. 2020 Scottish Open
  20. 2021 World Snooker Championship
  21. 2022 English Open
  22. 2023 WST Classic

Other Notable Victories

  • The Masters (2008, 2010, 2013)
  • Wuxi Classic (2011)
  • Six Red World Championship (2010)
  • Minor ranking events (2010 PTC 2, 2011 Paul Hunter Classic, 2012 Paul Hunter Classic, 2013 FFB Open, 2013 Antwerp Open, 2014 Riga Open, 2016 Gdynia Open)

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Mark Selby Player Profile

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Pink★★★★★★world champion; 10+ ranking titles; multiple winner of triple crown events; member of top 2; 15+ seasons in top 16 (at least 3)
Blue★★★★★winner of triple crown event; 5+ ranking titles; member of top 4; 12+ seasons in top 16 (at least 2)
Brown★★★★2+ ranking titles; member of top 8; triple crown event finalist; 8+ seasons in the top 16 (at least 2)
Green★★★ranking title; member of top 16 (at least 1)
Yellow★★member of top 64

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