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Dominic Dale – Player Profile, Career Summary, Stats

Dominic Dale Player Profile

Dominic Dale Stats
Date of birth: 29 December, 1971
Nationality: Wales
First turned professional: 1992
Highest ranking: 19
Ranking titles: 2
Triple Crown titles: 0
Crucible best: quarter-final
Masters appearances: 0
147 breaks: 0

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Dominic Dale turned professional in 1992 soon after reaching the final of the IBSF World Amateur Championship.

In the three decades since, the Welshman has carved out a respectable, albeit somewhat strange, career on the Main Tour.

Known as the Spaceman for his eccentric character, Dale is among an illustrious group of players who have collected multiple ranking event titles.

But he has peculiarly never broken into the top 16 of the official world rankings list, reaching a career high of just 19.

Both of Dale’s biggest moments came relatively out of nowhere.


In 1997, he overcame Steve Davis and Jimmy White en route to a Grand Prix final meeting with John Higgins, who he unexpectedly beat 9-6 to land the £60,000 top prize.

Almost ten years later, Dale’s second ranking triumph came just as much out of the blue.

He ousted Ken Doherty and Mark Selby in the build up to a 10-6 defeat of Ryan Day that helped him claim the 2007 Shanghai Masters crown.

Dale spent several seasons in or around the top 20, but he could never find the consistency required to crack the exclusive top 16.

As a result, he is one of just a few ranking event winners to have never gained an invitation to the prestigious Masters.

However, there have been other triumphs – notably the Snooker Shoot Out in 2014, after which he serenaded the audience with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Alongside Mark Williams, Matthew Stevens, and Darren Morgan, Dale was also a member of a famous Welsh team that won the 1999 Nations Cup.

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Ranking Event Victories

  1. 1997 Grand Prix
  2. 2007 Shanghai Masters

Other Notable Victories

  • Snooker Shoot Out (2014)
  • Malaysian Masters (1996)
  • Nations Cup (1999)
  • Minor ranking event (2010 PTC Event 6)

Featured photo credit: WST

Dominic Dale Player Profile

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Pink★★★★★★world champion; 10+ ranking titles; multiple winner of triple crown events; member of top 2; 15+ seasons in top 16 (at least 3)
Blue★★★★★winner of triple crown event; 5+ ranking titles; member of top 4; 12+ seasons in top 16 (at least 2)
Brown★★★★2+ ranking titles; member of top 8; triple crown event finalist; 8+ seasons in the top 16 (at least 2)
Green★★★ranking title; member of top 16 (at least 1)
Yellow★★member of top 64

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