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Mark Davis – Player Profile, Career Summary, Stats

Mark Davis Player Profile

Mark Davis Stats
Date of birth: 12 August, 1972
Nationality: England
First turned professional: 1991
Highest ranking: 12
Ranking titles: 0
Triple Crown titles: 0
Crucible best: last 16
Masters appearances: 3
147 breaks: 2

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Mark Davis first turned professional in 1991 and has been an ever-present participant on the Main Tour ever since.

Widely considered as a journeyman, he has spent the majority of his career in the middle of the pack in terms of the rankings.

In fact, it took Davis almost two decades to break into the top 32 in the world for the first time.

The Englishman was one of the biggest beneficiaries of Barry Hearn’s takeover in 2010 and the influx of extra tournaments that came following his arrival.

For several years after, Davis was a more frequent contender at the business end of ranking events – making several quarter-final and semi-final appearances.

This improved level of consistency helped him to briefly rise into the top 16, reaching a career-high of number 12 in 2013.


Davis was defeated in five ranking event semi-finals – including at the 2012 UK Championship – before he finally contested his one and only title-deciding affair.

In a tight battle with countryman Stuart Bingham, he narrowly missed his chance and lost the 2018 English Open final 9-7.

But there was some success elsewhere, notably at the Six Red World Championship where he had a peculiar knack during the tournament’s early years of emerging as the victor.

Davis beat Mark Williams, Shaun Murphy, and Neil Robertson in a hat-trick of finals for the shorter format between 2009 and 2013.

Invitational glories also came in the Hong Kong General Cup of 2013 and the World Seniors Snooker Championship three years later.

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Ranking Event Victories

  • N/A

Other Notable Victories

  • Six Red World Championship (2009, 2012, 2013)
  • General Cup (2013)
  • Malta Masters (1996)
  • Six Red World Championship (2016)

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Mark Davis Player Profile

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Black★★★★★★★multiple world champion; 30+ ranking titles; career triple crown; world no.1 (at least 3)
Pink★★★★★★world champion; 10+ ranking titles; multiple winner of triple crown events; member of top 2; 15+ seasons in top 16 (at least 3)
Blue★★★★★winner of triple crown event; 5+ ranking titles; member of top 4; 12+ seasons in top 16 (at least 2)
Brown★★★★2+ ranking titles; member of top 8; triple crown event finalist; 8+ seasons in the top 16 (at least 2)
Green★★★ranking title; member of top 16 (at least 1)
Yellow★★member of top 64

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