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Ray Reardon – Player Profile, Career Summary, Stats

Ray Reardon Player Profile

Ray Reardon Stats
Date of birth: 8 October, 1932
Nationality: Wales
First turned professional: 1967
Highest ranking: 1
Ranking titles: 5
Triple Crown titles: 7
Crucible best: champion
Masters appearances: 13
147 breaks: 0

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Ray Reardon was already aged 35 when he turned professional back in 1967.

It was an entirely different period of the game compared to what we’re used to now, a time when opportunities to compete at tournament level were limited.

But with the introduction of colour television and the launching of a new event called Pot Black which was broadcast on the BBC, Reardon was at the forefront of snooker’s initial rise into the public mainstream.

He won the inaugural edition of Pot Black in 1969, endearing himself to millions of new snooker fans across Britain.

The Welshman subsequently dominated the World Championship in the 1970s, winning it six times in total across the decade and once at the Crucible Theatre.

Because world rankings weren’t introduced until 1976 – backdated to results in 1974 – two of those world titles don’t event count towards Reardon’s career ranking event tally.

But as the World Championship was the only ranking title on the calendar for many years, he secured a stranglehold of the number one position.

During this era, Reardon forged notable rivalries with Englishman John Spencer and an enigmatic Northern Irishman named Alex Higgins.


In 1975 he lost the first ever Masters final to Spencer but a year later emerged with the title, beating Graham Miles.

By the time the 1980s arrived, the game was beginning to open up a little with more events and new young stars like Steve Davis and Jimmy White entering the fray.

Reardon, affectionately known as Dracula, had just turned 50 when he beat White to land the Professional Players Tournament crown in 1982.

A year later he overcame the same opponent to claim the International Masters at the Assembly Rooms in Derby.

It proved to be his last notable title, and not long after he began to slip down the rankings list and outside the world’s top 16.

Reardon eventually retired in 1991, but his legacy as one of the godfathers of snooker was set in stone.

These days, the Welsh Open trophy is named after Reardon in recognition of his achievements in the sport.

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Ranking Event Victories

  1. 1974 World Snooker Championship
  2. 1975 World Snooker Championship
  3. 1976 World Snooker Championship
  4. 1978 World Snooker Championship
  5. 1982 Professional Players Tournament

Other Notable Victories

  • World Snooker Championship (1970, 1973)
  • The Masters (1976)
  • Pot Black (1969, 1978)
  • Pontins Proffesional (1974, 1975, 1976, 1978)
  • Champion of Champions (1978)
  • Highland Masters (1982)
  • International Masters (1983)
  • World Challenge Cup (1979, 1980)

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Ray Reardon Player Profile

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Black★★★★★★★multiple world champion; 30+ ranking titles; career triple crown; world no.1 (at least 3)
Pink★★★★★★world champion; 10+ ranking titles; multiple winner of triple crown events; member of top 2; 15+ seasons in top 16 (at least 3)
Blue★★★★★winner of triple crown event; 5+ ranking titles; member of top 4; 12+ seasons in top 16 (at least 2)
Brown★★★★2+ ranking titles; member of top 8; triple crown event finalist; 8+ seasons in the top 16 (at least 2)
Green★★★ranking title; member of top 16 (at least 1)
Yellow★★member of top 64

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