Ken Doherty’s Lucky Break

Something I didn’t get a chance to write about last week was the announcement of a new snooker talent show to be screened on Setanta Ireland later this year.

Ken Doherty's Lucky BreakThe search will take place over two auditions in Douglas Snooker Club in Cork on March 2nd and the Ken Doherty Snooker Academy in Dublin a week later.

There, Doherty, who is co-organising the initiative alongside Loosehorse TV Productions, will choose four lucky 10-18 year-olds and give them coaching over a two-month period.

Subsequently, one of this quartet will be selected and given a one-year scholarship into the former world champion’s Academy.

This is a positive step in the long rebuilding process that is needed for snooker in this country.

The fact that Doherty is fronting the venture will ensure that it gains good exposure but that there has also been coverage scheduled for Setanta is an added bonus.

And perhaps if this year’s search is successful, it could develop into an annual thing.

Even if nothing ever comes of the players who are fortunate enough to be picked, the auditions should encourage young kids to pick up a cue and give the game a go.

You can Register for an audition now by emailing or by contacting 0851784586

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