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Snooker Back in Goffs as England Beat Ireland

Snooker returned to Goffs on Monday and Tuesday in the form of the Irish Legends Cup, another event in the Snooker Legends series.

The old Irish Masters was staged at Goffs in County Kildare.
The old Irish Masters was staged at Goffs in County Kildare – photo courtesy of Monique Limbos.

Based on the Ryder Cup it pitched two teams of four against each other in a series of Doubles and Singles.

Captaining England was Jimmy White who welcomed Steve Davis, Ladies world champion Reanne Evans and the inspirational Ali Carter who got the all clear from cancer recently.

Ireland were on home turf and their captain was 1997 world champion Ken Doherty. He also had Dennis Taylor, Fergal O ‘Brien and Joe Swail.

For three sessions there was never more than two points between the teams.

However, come Tuesday night, with standing room only in Goffs, England won six out of the eight singles.

With neither team reaching 18 points in normal play we went to black ball shootouts and all 8 players at the table.

Almost fittingly, the winning black was made by Ali Carter to record the 18-14 victory, although the undoubted star of the tournament was Reanne Evans who beat every member of the Irish Team in her singles matches.

John Virgo provided excellent and humorous live commentary and the reception both teams got as they walked on will stay in their memory for a long time.

Snooker LegendsThis event was produced by Snooker Legends.

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