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QUIZ! Snooker Rankings

The Hong Kong Masters gets under way today with eight of the best players in the world fighting it out in a new lucrative invitational.

Stephen Hendry World Seniors
This guy unsurprisingly features in today’s quiz. Photo credit: Monique Limbos

With coverage restricted to local TV broadcasts, it’s unlikely that most of will be able to watch much of what will surely be an exciting event.

Fear not, though, because when there’s a lull in the action on our screens you can be sure there’ll be some kind of quiz activity going on here at SHQ.

A bit of a random one today, which is based around snooker rankings.

Don’t be shy in sending your requests or suggestions for a future quiz – whether it be a comment on here, Facebook, or Twitter.

Multiple choice on this occasion, so how many can you get?

Click here to take the quiz!


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