QUIZ! Snooker in the 1990s

We have a little bit of a break this week from the Main Tour, with a week off between last week’s English Open and the International Championship that starts on Sunday.

Hendry Seniors 17 (ML)

Hendry meets Tony Knowles in the UK Seniors quarter-finals in Surrey. Photo credit: Monique Limbos

Actually, in saying that there are a couple of events in progress at the moment.

The UK Seniors Championship began on Tuesday and runs until Thursday, with live coverage provided on the Snooker Legends YouTube channel.

In addition, there’s the invitational Haining Open in China, a tournament that for some reason has been shrouded in secrecy over the last couple of years following the removal of the Asian Tour from the calendar.

Big names like Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham are in action, along with defending champion Matthew Selt and plenty of Chinese stars as well.

Bingham, of course, will be playing in his final event before a six-month ban for betting – three of which are suspended – comes into effect on the 28th October.

With not much happening on our TV screens then, it seems like a good time to bash out another quiz for you all to mull over a cup of coffee while skiving from work.

The snooker by decade trivia has proven very popular, with almost 800 plays so far for the quizzes looking at the 2010s and 2000s respectively.

Let’s go a little further back to the 1990s – a time when the Republic of Ireland reached the quarter-finals of a World Cup, the Spice Girls brought in a fresh wave of girl power, and Stephen Hendry was the most loathed man in 90% of snooker households.

The great Scot features regularly in this quiz, but plenty happened during this decade at a time when snooker could still rely on more than 10 seconds of footage on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

With 20 questions to go at the question is, how well do you know snooker from 1990 to 1999?

Click here to take the quiz!

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