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New snooker season begins despite live scoring issues

The 2023/24 snooker season commenced on Monday amid typically chaotic live scoring scenes for the World Snooker Tour.

The first two groups of Championship League Snooker were delayed at the Morningside Arena in Leicester after problems with WST’s new live scoring system.

While it came as a surprise to absolutely nobody, given the body’s subpar reputation in this area, it was still an embarrassing way to launch a new term.

On Sunday, the WST published an article on its website outlining their intention to release a new site and app later this year.

The post also directed fans to a separate page, where “in the interim period we will have a temporary match centre” for live scores and results.

However, upon accessing the page there has since simply been a ‘Coming Soon’ message while also promising that “calendar, matches, results and live scores will be available soon.”

Naturally, as soon as the play began on Monday, fans were understandably livid with the situation as they were unable to properly follow the opening day’s action.

To compound matters, it was later revealed the WST was advertising tickets for the Championship League even though it’s an event being staged behind closed doors.

Separately, tournament promoter Matchroom Sport signed off on advertising boarding inside the venue that describes the tournament as an invitational.

This edition of the Championship League is, of course, a ranking event.

Amateur hour all round.

In the end, Daniel Wells and Ashley Carty managed to eventually make it through their respective groups in Stage 1 of the competition.

Wells enjoyed a 100% winning record from Group 30 as he overcame Graeme Dott, Andrew Higginson, and David Grace to the loss of just one frame.

In Group 3, Carty took advantage of Neil Robertson‘s late withdrawal to advance into Stage 2 next month.

The Englishman drew 2-2 with Robertson’s replacement Craig Steadman, then recorded the same scoreline against Sean McAllister before a 3-0 triumph over Adam Duffy sent him to the top spot in the round-robin standings.

Stage 1 of the Championship League will take three weeks to complete with a further 30 groups to take place.

Stage 1 draw

Group 1 (July 10)Group 2 (July 11)Group 3 (June 26)Group 4 (July 12)
Ronnie O’SullivanJudd TrumpCraig SteadmanShaun Murphy
Scott DonaldsonXu SiSean McAllisterTian Pengfei
Rod LawlerJimmy WhiteAdam DuffyLukas Kleckers
Alfie BurdenReanne EvansAshley CartyAndrew Pagett
Group 5 (June 29)Group 6 (June 30)Group 7 (July 6)Group 8 (July 7)
Kyren WilsonMark WilliamsAli CarterRobert Milkins
Andy HicksDylan EmeryJackson PageDominic Dale
Asjad IqbalKen DohertyLong ZehuangMuhammad Asif
Louis HeathcoteThor Chuan LeongRyan DaviesAlex Taubman
Group 9 (July 14)Group 10 (June 28)Group 11 (June 27)Group 12 (July 12)
Gary WilsonRyan DayHossein VafaeiBarry Hawkins
John AstleyMichael WhiteAaron HillZhang Anda
Mink NutcharutHimanshu JainMartin O’DonnellSanderson Lam
Ma HailongJiang JunFergal QuinnJamie O’Neill
Group 13 (July 13)Group 14 (July 14)Group 15 (July 4)Group 16 (July 3)
David GilbertRicky WaldenStuart BinghamJimmy Robertson
Yuan SijunDavid LilleyMatthew StevensBen Woollaston
Sean O’SullivanPeng YisongAllan TaylorLiam Graham
Ishpreet SinghLiu HongyuDuane JonesPeter Lines
Group 17 (July 5)Group 18 (July 11)Group 19 (July 10)Group 20 (July 8)
Zhou YuelongJoe PerryNoppon SaengkhamMatthew Selt
Ashley HugillJamie ClarkeMark DavisJames Cahill
Oliver BrownAndy LeeJenson KendrickAndres Petrov
TBCStuart CarringtonRoss MuirSydney Wilson
Group 21 (June 27)Group 22 (June 28)Group 23 (July 7)Group 24 (July 6)
Chris WakelinJoe O’ConnorFan ZhengyiPang Junxu
Oliver LinesRobbie WilliamsSam CraigieWu Yize
Anton KazakovZak SuretyFergal O’BrienHammad Miah
Liam PullenAlfie DaviesAhmed Aly ElsayedStan Moody
Group 25 (July 8)Group 26 (July 5)Group 27 (June 30)Group 28 (July 4)
Si JiahuiJak JonesJordan BrownAnthony Hamilton
Mark JoyceJamie JonesJulien LeclercqBen Mertens
Mohamed IbrahimRebecca KennaMarco FuRyan Thomerson
Haydon PinheyDean YoungBarry PinchesXing Zihao
Group 29 (June 29)Group 30 (June 26)Group 31 (July 13)Group 32 (July 3)
Thepchaiya Un-NoohGraeme DottCao YupengXiao Guodong
Elliot SlessorDavid GraceLyu HaotianMartin Gould
Victor SarkisDaniel WellsIan BurnsAlexander Ursenbacher
Florian NuessleAndrew HigginsonSteven HallworthRory McLeod

Featured photo credit: WPBSA

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  1. There are indeed some very interesting new players that I would like to see, but it’s obviouly going to be difficult with all the streaming and scoring issues.

    I could implement a scoring website in a couple of days that would be superior to WST’s old site. A mobile app would be similarly unchallenging technically. On that basis WST’s new versions will have to be fantastic!

    But, as snooker fans we have spent a lot of time complaining about things that are clearly wrong with the game. The trouble is, snooker fans don’t seem to have any positive contributions to make, any vision about the future of the game. One’s no good without the other. If snooker isn’t to be sidelined by Matchroom’s favourite sport (American Pool), we have to stand up for snooker! It’s pretty clear that WST can’t do that…

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