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Breast Cancer Awareness Brought to Chengdu Milkins and Mark Davis, both wearing their Pink-backed On Q Promotions waistcoats, visited the Specialist Breast Cancer Care hospital in Chengdu to help launch a campaign to raise funds for and awareness of Breast Cancer and its care.

The hospital is recognised as one of the leaders in Breast Cancer Research.

The event was shown on national Chinese television and the story covered by many national and local newspapers.

It is envisaged the awareness campaign will reach over a billion people in a unique and memorable way, which hopefully will lead to many lives being saved and many families avoiding unnecessary heartache.

Hospital staff, all wearing their new Pink Ribbon shirts welcomed the players and gave them Pink Ribbons to wear and then accepted signed memorabilia from Milkins and Davis to use in fund-raising.

The two players were awarded the accolade of “Pink Ribbon Ambassadors” and both were pleased to give their time to the cause.

Mark Davis commented “Along with the other On Q Promotions players, we wear the pink backs in our waistcoats to help raise awareness of the disease.

“We always hope that it reminds women to check themselves regularly for any early sign of cancer, as early detection improves survival rates.

“We play in the Pink Ribbon Pro Am every June at the South West Snooker Academy and that’s now grown into the biggest and most widely recognised Charity Pro-Am in the World.”

Rob Milkins, who is based at the South West Snooker Academy added, “I’m glad I’ve come here today. The hospital and facilities and staff have left a deep impression on me.

“It’s good to see that patients are receiving treatment and going through recovery to leave hospital.

“I think it’s really important to remind everyone about how important it is to get early detection and treatment.

“As soon as we return to the UK we will play in the Kay Suzanne Memorial Trophy at the South West Snooker Academy.

“That event is also known as ‘The Pink PTC’ where the players wear Pink Shirts to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Care.”

Janie Watkins

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