Site Announcement – Korea Bound

First off, I am now fully operative online with a new laptop so thanks for bearing with me over the last fortnight and apologies again for the poor coverage of this year’s Masters at Alexandra Palace.

South KoreaBut with that comes further news that hopefully will not effect the running of SnookerHQ too much but something that I certainly feel the need to make aware to readers.

At the turn of the New Year I got offered a job in South Korea, which I have since accepted.

This means that, from mid-February, I will be jetting off to the other side of the world for 12 months.

As much as I wouldn’t like there to be any, this will of course have some implications to the overall running of this website.

With Seoul being nine hours ahead of Irish time, the daily report of the day’s action will probably become a thing of the past.

Instead, I will more than likely turn my attention towards previews and general comment and analysis.

Despite the change, I don’t expect the productivity to alter too much, or indeed be reduced – apart from maybe the first couple of weeks when I have to sort out internet connections, etc – although the times that articles are published might be a little bit inconsistent.

A big aspect of SnookerHQ is its coverage of the Irish scene – that’s not going to change!

Thankfully, I have had the support of CrossGuns Snooker Club owner Fin Ruane and Irish international Johnny Williams over the last couple of years and they are going to continue to help provide excellent coverage of the game in the country.

I’ll also be keeping a very close eye on the development of the Irish scene.

The major change will arise from my inability to go personally to tournaments like the World and UK Championships, Masters, UK PTCs (if they remain) and PTC Grand Final, which I realise by being there adds extra insight for fans.

However, it’s not all bad. By being in south-east Asia, I now have the unique opportunity of potentially experiencing an event in China – where the sport’s growth is arguably most prevalent at the moment.

By all accounts, I’ve been informed from various sources that there isn’t much of a snooker scene in Korea but I’ll keep my ear to the ground and perhaps there’ll be something interesting to blog about over there.

With that, all that remains to be said is a heartfelt thanks for all the readership since the website was launched in May 2011 and I hope that I can continue to produce worthy content for all the regulars and newcomers in the year to come.

David Caulfield

Creator of SnookerHQ and a journalism graduate, David has been actively reporting on snooker since 2011. He has been published in national publications and has appeared on BBC World News and on talkSPORT radio as an analyst.

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