Davis Completes Hat-Trick

Mark Davis claimed a third World 6-Reds Championship by overcoming world no.1 Neil Robertson in 2013 final in Bangkok yesterday.

The Englishman came from 3-1 down to dominate the rest of the encounter and finally secure an 8-4 victory.

The 41 year-old’s success adds to the title he won last season and another World Championship staged in Ireland in 2009.

It cements the fact that he is the undisputed king of the format.

Reasons why he is able to dominate this shorter game and not boast so much pedigree in the more traditional 15-red snooker are at a premium.

Perhaps after his maiden triumph his confidence just grew and grew to the point that he felt completely comfortable.

Either way, I’m sure he wishes that there was more than one event on the calendar to give himself more opportunities to add to the tally.

That is unlikely. Other than the fact there are not many free periods to accommodate new tournaments, 6-Reds simply isn’t popular enough to facilitate such a move.

One tournament every year is sufficient and Bangkok seems to be a decent place for it to reside in the future – with no other professional snooker in Thailand it makes sense.

For another year then, Davis will be regarded as a world champion, and nobody can argue with that.

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  1. has anybody seen these matches live in Bangkok? As for me, they are rather boring and there is on such tension as in normal format matches. What are the pros of such snooker? Thanks for your kind comments.

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