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WPBSA Analysing Unusual Betting Patterns

The WPBSA today released a statement which read:

wpbsa“Yesterday, the WPBSA Integrity Unit received an early warning notification from partners in the betting industry of unusual betting on the match between Jamie Burnett and John Sutton at the International Championships Qualifiers in Barnsley. The match took place last night resulting in a 6-0 win for Jamie Burnett.

The WPBSA Integrity Unit undertook specific measures both to monitor the match live and to examine the circumstances surrounding the match and player. Together with the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit at the Gambling Commission we are analysing the available information on this match to determine what action is appropriate.

With their partners the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), the WPBSA Integrity Unit have information sharing agreements with the betting industry and closely monitor worldwide betting on all competitive snooker.

The WPBSA Integrity Unit operates with complete autonomy from the WPBSA Board and World Snooker Limited. The Unit is always made aware of any unusual betting on snooker matches and will take appropriate action in every case.”

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  1. Hard to make judgements when the match hasn’t been recorded. Frame 5 was tight but the rest were won easily. Burnett had 93 in the last so he must have been playing pretty well. Burnett was under suspicion for other matches but as the winner here, it’s got nothing to do with him, correct? What are they accusing John of?

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