New Quiz: Snooker Trivia VI

As there are another few days off before the start of our next outing, the Asian Tour event in China next week, it’s as good an opportunity as any to continue the Snooker Trivia series.

HINT: These bad boys will  feature in the quiz.

HINT: These bad boys will feature in the quiz.

You know the drill by now; there are two minutes to answer 12 questions in order, so this one is very much against the clock.

I intend to have quite a few features and more in-depth analysis about the happenings on the circuit as the season begins to gather pace in the coming months.

In truth, it has been difficult to get properly involved in this campaign as the events haven’t really flowed that well into one another.

There have been a lot of what has felt like false starts, but that reflection should all change in the coming months with the flurry of important tournaments to come, such as the International Championship, Champion of Champions, UK Championship and The Masters.

For now, though, the question is how well do you know your snooker?

Click here to take the quiz!

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