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QUIZ: World Snooker Championship Semi-Finalists

We now know our last four competitors for the 2016 Betfred World Snooker Championship.

Stephen Hendry
This man featured in the last four the most times.

The semi-final is when the famous Crucible Theatre comes into its own as one of the best venues for the sport on the calendar.

The divide is lifted and two tables become one as the pressure intensifies on the remaining cueists hunting for global glory.

Since the tournament has been hosted by the Crucible in 1977, there have been 53 players who have graced the single table set-up for the semi-finals.

These men are the only ones who can truly testify to this unique setting that has created classic comebacks, momentous meltdowns and eventually 20 different deserving champions across almost 40 memorable years.

The question is, can you remember all of the semi-finalists?

Click here to take the quiz!

(Note: Semi-finalists who share the same surname as another must be written in full.)

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  1. I got 25/53, although it should have been 28 since it didn’t accept stevens or hawkins for me. and I couldn’t spell wattana. There are only a few that I’m disappointed at not getting (Bond, Macguire). Perrie Mans!!! Sounds like a fancy bottled water

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