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QUIZ: Champion of Champions

The Champion of Champions will return to Coventry later this year and the qualifying criteria was made clear a few days ago.

Neil Robertson
This guy is the defending champion.

Despite the fact there are 23 counting events where the winners can gain an invitation to the lucrative tournament, only ten names are so far in line to earn one of the coveted spots.

And with only eight further winners of tournaments to be decided between now and October, there is a distinct possibility that the 16 places won’t be filled should there continue to be several repeat champions who have already qualified in the coming months.

In previous years when this occurred, the organisers turned to the world rankings to top up the list but hopefully it won’t come to that as it seems to defeat the purpose of the Champion of Champions moniker.

Anyway, since 2013 when the event was established, 24 competitors have featured at the Ricoh Arena.

The question is, can you name all of them?

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