WDBS Events in Gloucester and Hull

Two World Disability Billiards and Snooker events are scheduled to take place later this year in England.

Lee Douglas – photo courtesy of Matt Huart.

The newly-founded body, set up in 2015, gives people with disabilities more opportunities to play cue sports and is run under eight different categories.

The second WDBS Open Disability Snooker Championship will take place on 14-16 October at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester.

As in 2015, the main two-day weekend competition will be open to classification groups 1-5 as set out within the WDBS classification system.

This includes those who have physical disabilities and are either ambulant or wheelchair players.

For the first time there will also be a Learning Disability Snooker Festival held from 10:00am on Friday 14 October.

At this session people with learning disabilities (classification group six) will be able to get involved with fun games and competitions, receive coaching and also take part in a formal six reds competition.

As at previous WDBS competitions, there will also be an open day at which people with any disability are encouraged to enjoy free practice and coaching from accredited WPBSA World Snooker coaches.

One of the players looking forward to returning to Gloucester is Daniel Blunn, who won the Group 3 classification competition at the 2015 event.

“You could also see how well-run the event was and just what a great venue it was,” said Blunn.

“They have all been good but I remember that one in particular – and not just because I won! I could see that it was the start of something big.”

Meanwhile, Kingston-upon-Hull will stage a WDBS event for the first time a month later in November.

The WDBS Hull Open will be open to players of classification groups 7-8 and will be played at the Tradewell Snooker Club, located in the East Yorkshire city which has been named as the UK City of Culture for 2017.

The main two-day competition will be held on 12-13 November and will be the second WDBS event open to players with either visual or hearing impairments, following the Woking Open in May.

At that event, Hull’s Lee Douglas finished as runner-up in the group eight tournament and was one of three players from the city to take part.

The entry forms for both tournaments are available to download from or you can contact for more information.

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