QUIZ! Welsh Open

The World Grand Prix is yet to conclude but this extremely hectic month of February shows no sign of letting up with the Welsh Open set to commence on Monday.

welsh-open-posterBefore the Barry Hearn era began in 2010, the Welsh Open had been considered by some as one of the poorer ranking events on the calendar, but that has changed dramatically over the last few campaigns.

Now, the tournament in Cardiff provides a well-respected trophy to covet, which is only highlighted by its stellar roll of honour down through the years.

The Welsh Open is the last leg in the Home Nations series, the founding father if you will.

While there’ll be no million pound bonus awarded this season for the winner of all four Home Nations events, the Welsh Open will remain an event keenly contested over the next week or so.

As the third longest continuously running ranking event, behind the World and UK Championships, it is certainly steeped in history.

The question is, how well do you know the Welsh Open?

Click here to take the quiz!

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