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QUIZ! Tournament Winners in the 2016/17 Snooker Season

There’s a bit of a lull in the calendar at present as, after 40 consecutive days of professional snooker, there’s a slight respite to recharge the batteries.

This guy got his hands on a trophy. Photo credit: World Snooker

The World Women’s Championship and the European Amateur Championship are of course in progress and there’ll be additional information about that in due course when the action gets a tad more interesting following their respective round-robin phases.

Usually, however, when there is a bit of down period, it tends to result in a few quizzes being churned out at SHQ and this fortnight before the China Open will be no different.

It’s been a long old campaign on the Main Tour, action-packed and full of competitions for the players to get involved in and claim a hefty sum of prize money.

Events have come so thick and fast that it would be understandable for some of them to have actually passed you by.

Still, that’s not really an excuse and, in truth, if you can’t remember most of these then a visit to the nearest doctor might be in order.

Time is really your only enemy here – as it seems the only justifiable way to make this quiz a little harder.

So then, how many tournament winners from the 2016/17 season can you name?

Click here to take the quiz!

Note: Each tournament should be answered individually but they do not have to be answered in order. Simply click on a tournament if you want to skip ahead.


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