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Barry Hearn Statement

Barry Hearn has released the following statement in response to Ronnie O’Sullivan’s post-match press conference on Sunday after his first round World Championship victory over Gary Wilson in Sheffield.

The statement in full: 

“In view of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s comments yesterday regarding ‘bullying and intimidation’ by Barry Hearn and World Snooker, I find it necessary to respond as follows:

  1. All players have contracts with World Snooker Limited by way of a players’ contract which was written in conjunction with WPBSA and agreed with the players’ governing body. This sets out the obligations of the players and applies to all participants on the World Snooker Tour. There are no exceptions. Ronnie O’Sullivan has signed this contract and is therefore eligible to play in any World Snooker events as he wishes.
  2. World Snooker owns the worldwide commercial rights for professional snooker. WPBSA is the governing body and represents the professional players on the World Snooker Tour. The WPBSA is exclusively responsible for all disciplinary matters pertaining to snooker, its players and their responsibilities outlined in the players’ contract. Neither World Snooker nor myself have any involvement whatsoever in disciplinary matters.
  3. Neither World Snooker nor myself have received any communication from Ronnie O’Sullivan’s lawyers in regard to his responsibilities or concerns in relation to his signed players’ contract.
  4. I personally take any accusation of ‘bullying and intimidation’ by me or World Snooker very seriously. Unfounded accusations such as these are damaging to World Snooker’s global reputation, as well as my own, and we will take whatever action is required to protect this reputation from such inaccurate comments. I hope all parties can move on from this position and concentrate on the brilliant entertainment provided by players at the Betfred World Championship.”

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  1. SnookerLoopy

    Re #4 how do we know if the accusations are unfounded if no one has independently reviewed them. Why have they not said they’d look into the accusations of bullying transparently? If there was intimidation anywhere else in the sport they’d investigate it properly, although who does the WPBSA and WorldSnooker answer to?

  2. Jmccrissican

    Fuck off barry

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