Jason Ferguson Leaves WCBS

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association announced on Wednesday that its chairman Jason Ferguson has resigned his position as president of the World Confederation of Billiards Sports.

Jason Ferguson
WPBSA chairman Jason Ferguson

In a statement released on its website, the WPBSA said that Ferguson had “severed all links to the organisation.”

The statement continued: “This announcement comes following the success of the 2017 World Games Billiards Sports event in Wroclaw, Poland.”

“This decision was taken because despite him taking all possible steps to improve the governance standards within the organisation, the WCBS still fails to meet the standards required by the WCBS Constitution and sports industry best practice.

“Sport in the modern world has to follow the best governance practice and be transparent in its processes.

“The WPBSA will continue to champion the sport and do everything it can to obtain Olympic status for Billiard Sports.”

The announcement is the latest offering in a war of words which has engulfed several major global snooker entities over the last couple of weeks.

It began with the WPBSA stating that it had severed all ties with the International Billiards and Snooker Federation following what it claimed was “an inappropriate and unconstitutional attempt by some members of the IBSF to control seats within the WCBS.”

The IBSF then responded with a lengthy statement of its own, listing off numerous alleged acts that they claimed the WPBSA made “against the interest of IBSF member countries.”

Around the same time last week, an article also appeared on the IBSF website which suggested that a new board for the WCBS had already been voted on in Wroclaw, with Ferguson losing his seat as president, to be replaced by the president of the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) Ian Anderson.

What this will all mean for any possible future bid for an Olympic Games spot for cue sports remains to be seen, but the situation isn’t looking pretty.

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  1. So Sad,A Sincere ,Honest Man with his heart & Soul for the betterment of the game..Only Time will tell. .

  2. WPBSA couldn’t sit on the board if they had severed all ties with IBSF as both formed the umbrella group WFS to represent snooker and billiards on WCBS. How could they work together under that umbrella if WPBSA have severed all ties.?

  3. Snooker is the loser…..why….because people compare dick sizes , get over your issues and thinkeep of the future, if not, get the f..k out

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