World Championship Players at the Crucible

QUIZ! World Championship Players at the Crucible

It’s the day before the World Snooker Championship gets under way and there’s just enough time to revisit this testing quiz.

World Championship Players at the Crucible
It’s the place where they all want to play.

Four debutants in the 2018 draw bring the total number of players at the Crucible Theatre to 206.

More than a quarter of them, some 58, only graced the stage once, losing their one and only encounter in Sheffield before failing to make a subsequent return to the famous stage.

For 47 others, as we previously discovered earlier this week with our first World Championship themed quiz, the Crucible Theatre has become like a second home, with more than 20 matches under their belts since the sport’s blue riband tournament moved there in 1977.

Players hailing from 17 different nations have been invited to the party, with this year representing the 41st at the Crucible, and England obviously boasting the most competitors in that time.

The Crucible has created so many memories of elation and despair since it first staged the event more than four decades ago.

It’s the pinnacle of any snooker player’s career to first play at the venue, and then ultimately be crowned the champion on the May Bank Holiday Monday.

While more than a couple of hundred have come, only a few have conquered.

The question is, can you name all 206 World Championship players at the Crucible?

(Note: Surnames are accepted, except when there are multiple answers with the same surname – in which case the name should be written in full.)

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Live coverage of the World Snooker Championship will be on the BBC and Eurosport, as well on Facebook Live in some regions of the world.

The action gets under way on Saturday, April 21st.

Click here to view the 2018 draw.


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