2017/18 Snooker Tournament Winners
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QUIZ! 2017/18 Snooker Tournament Winners

It’s the morning after the night before and there are plenty of Crucible hangovers taking place around the world.

2017/18 Snooker Tournament Winners
Williams beat John Higgins 18-16 in a dramatic final. Photo credit: World Snooker

The 17-day Marathon of the Mind that is the World Snooker Championship has the ability to suck you into its epic storyline in such a manner that one could easily forget that there’s anything real happening on the outside world.

The day after finals night in Sheffield generally leaves fans feeling a sense of despair that it’s all come to an end, but equally a measure of relief that, well, it’s all come to an end.

To be a follower of any sport and to enjoy any tournament requires an investment of time and there’s no doubting that the World Snooker Championship is up there with the very best when it comes to gaining your attention.

The 2018 edition was a memorable one for a number of reasons, not least because of theΒ deserved champion that was crowned in the 43 year-old Mark Williams.

Williams pocked a cheque worth Β£425,000, the kind of money us mere mortals could only dream about earning unless we hit the jackpot at the live casino or luckily came across a winning lottery ticket.

The Welshman partied hard into the early hours of this morning – in fact, he’s probably still going – and who can blame him after rolling back the years to claim a third world crown a record 15 years after he last triumphed in the blue riband tournament.

Williams fulfilled his promise too of dressing down into his birthday suit for his post-match press conference and, perhaps foolishly, quipped that he’d perform cartwheels in the buff if he was to throw in a repeat performance next year and defend his title.

Williams and the majority of the rest of the players can now enjoy a well-earned break but it won’t be long until the new campaign comes swinging by and we’ll be at it all over again.

Throughout the term gone by, there were more than 35 tournaments on the calendar with barely a week off from some sort of action happening on the baize somewhere in the world.

Practically all of it has been covered here on SnookerHQ in what has been the busiest, most productive, and most successful period for the website since its launch seven years ago.

Record numbers have continued to be notched up in terms of pageviews and unique visitors, and for your continued support I offer my sincere thanks.

I hope you enjoy the content that is published here and, with your help, next season will be even bigger and better than the last.

One last quiz then to help you on the road to recovery today with no more matches to enjoy from Sheffield.

The question is, can you name the 2017/18 snooker tournament winners?

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