Snooker season set break off
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Snooker Season Set for Break Off

Well, that was a nice little break – excuse the pun.

Snooker season set break off
Who’ll get off to a quick start?

After practically a month off, snooker returns next week with the start of the 2018/19 campaign as the qualifying rounds for the Riga Masters and World Open take place at the Preston Guild Hall.

It’s been a much-welcomed period of respite for players, fans, and media alike – an opportunity to properly recharge the batteries that wasn’t really available in each of the last few terms.

Like with everything in life, too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily the right way to go and there was a risk that the wall-to-wall action that was being produced year-in and year-out was going to leave more heads frazzled than dazzled.

While still by no means perfect, the calendar is starting to take a much more logical shape, with the back and forth weekly trips between Asia and Europe not quite as metronomic as before.

There remains a huge gap in July, which will likely lead to another feeling of a summer break like the one we’ve had in June, but after August it’ll be all systems go for the new campaign and another hectic schedule right the way through until the next World Snooker Championship.

Over the last few weeks, we also took the opportunity here at SnookerHQ to enjoy the downtime, resulting in a sustained spell of inactivity that hasn’t really been seen on the site in literally years.

But rest assured that, as ever, there will be full and widespread coverage of every tournament on SnookerHQ over the next ten months and you can expect just the same amount of previews, reports, quizzes, features, and hopefully a few extra interviews and other additions to boot.

It’s a staggering seven years since this website was established and in that time it has grown into one of the most read platforms for snooker on the internet.

For that, we are always grateful and hope that, with your continued support and readership, SnookerHQ can experience an even bigger growth over the coming campaign.

It all commences on Monday.

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