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EPSB Open Series Events Announced

Opportunities are increasing across England for aspiring players.

Entry is now open for the first events of the new EPSB Open Series organised by the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards, which will run throughout the 2021/22 season.

Announced last month, the EPSB Open Series represents a new dawn for competitive amateur snooker in England and will see the creation of the only open tournaments accredited by England’s national governing body.

All competitions will be held at affiliated 147 Clubs to ensure consistency of standard and organisation throughout, with an initial 36 tournaments announced to take place before the end of 2021.

Entry for all competitions is open now via WPBSA SnookerScores, with the first set to be held in Hull and Leicester on 5 September.

The entry fee for each EPSB Open Series tournament will be just £20.00, with all entry fees to be paid out in prize money.

Events will be open to all players, whether professional (+18 handicap) or amateur and of any gender or nationality to promote inclusivity and equal opportunity.

Open Series Rankings, Q School Prize

It has also been announced that a new EPSB Open Series ranking list will run throughout the season with the top four players after the final event set to receive free entry worth £1,000 into WST Q School 2022.

Points will be awarded at all events on the basis of one point for every frame won, with bonuses of ten and four points for winning a title and finishing as runner-up respectively.

Through the introduction of these rankings and the prizes to be won, the creation of the Open Series will provide incentive and inspiration for all who have the passion to compete and progress in the sport.

‘A Much-Needed Boost’

The key principles behind the EPSB Open Series have been agreed with input from several current professional players from across the world ranking list.

Among these are former ranking event winner and Masters finalist Joe Perry, who is passionate about providing the right platform for the next generation of snooker talent:

“This is a wonderful and much-needed boost to amateur snooker. It will provide opportunities, competition for all standards and a great platform for those hoping to make a career in snooker.”

“Amateur snooker of this kind was huge when I was learning my trade and has been sorely missed for many years. Hopefully this will provide exactly what’s needed for the next generation of snooker stars and also just give people who love the game more opportunities to test themselves.”

Provisional EPSB Open Series 2021 Calendar

All dates and venues are provisional and subject to change.

Sunday 5 September: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull                                

Sunday 5 September: The Winchester, Leicester                                      

Sunday 12 September: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester                     

Saturday 18 September: The Winchester, Leicester                

Sunday 19 September: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull                             

Sunday 19 September: Sams Snooker and Pool, Hartlepool

Sunday 26 September: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester     

Sunday 3 October: Cueball Derby, Derby       

Sunday 3 October: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester

Sunday 3 October: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull      

Sunday 10 October: The Winchester, Leicester          

Sunday 17 October: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester

Sunday 17 October: Sams Snooker and Pool, Hartlepool      

Sunday 24 October: The Winchester, Leicester          

Sunday 24 October: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull    

Sunday 31 October: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull

Saturday 6 November: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester

Saturday 6 November: Elite Snooker Club, Preston  

Saturday 6 November: Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall   

Sunday 7 November: Cueball Derby, Derby                 

Sunday 14 November: The Winchester, Leicester                                     

Sunday 14 November: Sams Snooker and Pool, Hartlepool 

Saturday 20 November: Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall                

Sunday 21 November: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester      

Sunday 21 November: Cueball Derby, Derby                                               

Sunday 21 November: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull                                              

Sunday 28 November: The Winchester, Leicester                                     

Saturday 4 December: Elite Snooker Club, Preston                  

Saturday 4 December: Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall   

Sunday 5 December: The Winchester, Leicester        

Sunday 5 December: Tradewell Snooker Club, Hull                                  

Sunday 12 December: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester      

Sunday 12 December: Cueball Derby, Derby                                

Sunday 12 December: Sams Snooker and Pool, Hartlepool                 

Saturday 18 December: Landywood Snooker Club, Walsall                

Sunday 19 December: Breakers Snooker Club, Leicester                 

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