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QUIZ! World Snooker Championship 147 Breaks

There have been 17 World Snooker Championship 147 breaks in total.

Peculiarly, considering the tournament boasts the longest format by far of any competition on the calendar, there haven’t really been too many maximum breaks in the World Championship’s history.

The first was famously made all the way back in 1983, but only three more were constructed before the end of the century.

The perfect frame became a slightly more regular occurrence in the first decade of the new millennium.

However, there was another lull after 2012 which resulted in a wait of eight years between 147 breaks at the Crucible Theatre.

Eight players have combined to compile 12 at the venue stages overall, with five additional knocks in the qualifying stages.

This year there have already been two maximum breaks, with one made in the qualifiers and one made at the Crucible.

A handsome pot worth £40,000 is the prize for the 147 at the venue stages of the 2022 edition.

The question is, can you name all the players who have made World Snooker Championship 147 breaks in the past?

(Q) = 147 made in qualifying rounds.

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