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‘Incredibly proud’ Judd Trump reacts to Masters success

Judd Trump was proud of the battling qualities that helped him secure a second career Masters crown on Sunday in London.

The 33 year-old wasn’t at his free-flowing best but produced a granite-like display to end the hopes of Mark Williams at the Alexandra Palace.

A topsy-turvy final that had a bit of everything – from power scoring to tense tactical exchanges and unexpected missed pots – concluded with Trump beating the Welshman 10-8.

“I’m just in shock I think,” world number four Judd Trump told the World Snooker Tour soon after collecting the Masters trophy.

“How I managed to get over the line in some of these games, especially the first game, I should have been going home.”

“Honestly, I can’t believe that I’m sat here having won the Masters for the second time, so I’m incredibly proud of how I dug in.

“There were a couple of times tonight when Mark looked like he was going to run away with it.

“In the World final and the Masters final (of 2019) I played unbelievable, I played incredible. From a very early stage in both those finals, I knew I was going to win.

“I had a feeling in me, I knew that I couldn’t possibly lose the way I was playing.

“It’s so much more difficult when you’re doubting yourself a little bit. Mark was playing well, he was in control the whole night apart from the last couple of frames.

“It was just a bit of a surprise in how I won this, how I managed to see it out so well with how I was feeling.

“I felt more nervous the first few frames in the first round and the second round funnily enough.

“But to take them like I did in the last frame – I had a good split of the balls when I went into them – there wasn’t really a point in that break where I was ever out of control.

“I made it easier for myself, but potting the winning balls I was still counting down every point and every red that came off the table.

“To get over that winning line, to look around and have my family there and my friends there and my brother there, it was just an incredible feeling.

“The atmosphere in London has always been extra special, but the way the people get behind this event is incredible.

“From the very first round, every session is pretty much sold out. Everyone is buzzing when you’re walking around the venue.

“Everyone is so supportive. Even people that want your opponent to win, they are so respectful on your shot and stuff like that.

“I just feel like it’s an event that I love coming to, and I absolutely can’t wait to get back here next year to try and defend my title.

“I should be able to take a lot of confidence from what I’ve done. I’m still trying to battle through on the ranking points.

“I’ve not had an amazing season in ranking events and I’m still trying to get my way into the Tour Championship and Players Championship.

“There’s still a lot of work to do and it would have been nice if this tournament had ranking points, I would have been sorted now.

“But I think the Masters is just special in its own right. There’s so much history behind this event.

“All the great players have won this multiple times I think, and now I’ve managed to win my first Triple Crown (event) twice.”

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