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Stephen Hendry asks 20 questions to Ronnie O’Sullivan

Stephen Hendry asked Ronnie O’Sullivan 20 questions from snooker fans on his popular Cue Tips channel on YouTube.

The pair of seven-time world champions sat down for a chat in what was the third installment of Hendry’s interview with the Rocket.

In previous videos last month, Hendry already played a couple of frames of snooker with his former on-the-table rival, and he also tested O’Sullivan with the Tough Table Challenge.

In the latest release, Ronnie O’Sullivan was asked 20 questions that fans of the increasingly popular Cue Tips channel sent in ahead of the sit-down.

20 questions with Ronnie O’Sullivan

Q: Which player would you like to play a frame with that you never got a chance to?

Ronnie: “Probably Joe Davis. He’s a legend of our game, ain’t he?”

Q: Who will win a second World Championship first – Robertson, Murphy, Trump or Brecel?

Ronnie: “I think either Brecel or Trump. Law of averages says Judd, because he hasn’t won it for a while. But he’s struggling a bit, so who knows. You just never know with this game, but I’ll go for Judd.

Q: Favourite sports star outside of snooker?

Ronnie: “That’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Outside of snooker, there are so many fantastic sportsmen. I love winners. It’s not easy to be a winner. People think it is but it’s not, so you always respect winners.”

“I love Michael Jordan, I thought he was amazing. I watched that Netflix documentary. At the moment, and I know he’s not the best ever, but Conor McGregor – I’m fascinated by him.

“I just think he’s come from nothing, there’s no filter, he says it out there. I’m really into how he’s gone about his stuff. He just doesn’t care.

“He’s brilliant, and when you watch him on TV, you have to watch him. He’s fascinating.”

Q: Favourite movie?

Ronnie: “Shawshank Redemption.”

Q: What characteristics do you want in your cue?

Ronnie: “Enough flex so I feel like I can whip some balls in.”

Q: Did you ever think that you’d be this good when you were younger?

Ronnie: “I felt like I had more confidence when I was younger. Even as a kid, I never dreamed of doing anything, but I felt I was more confident.”

“But I never felt like I was going to do anything. No, you just want to be a pro. You just want to be out playing, and if I could get to a venue I’d be over the moon.

“I always knew that I wanted to be in a snooker hall. Even if I didn’t make it, I just wanted to be in the snooker club. I used to love being at the club, having a laugh.

Q: How come you don’t wear white shirts any more?

Ronnie: “I sweat. I’m a kind of sweaty sort of person, so a lot of my cotton shirts used to wringing wet. If I’m not fit enough, I perspire quite a bit.”

“Then I found these black shirts that basically absorb everything, so I just thought I’d wear them. I haven’t got space for six shirts, my whole suitcase is full of running gear.”

Q: Would you prefer a whitewash in a final or a 147 in a decider?

Ronnie: “Whitewash. Smash them to pieces, humiliate them.”

Q: What’s your 5K personal best (for running)?

Ronnie: “17m09s. It’s alright, it’s not bad. But I wouldn’t be able to do that now. I’d be lucky to get 20 minutes at the moment, which is still alright for a snooker player I suppose.”

Q: What’s your go-to running shoe?

Ronnie: “I’ve got my Nikes at the moment, I really like them. But I used more my Saucony, because I do a lot of off-road running. They’ve got a bit more grip.”

Q: How did it feel making your first 147?

Ronnie: “My first 147 was amazing. I made it in the English Amateur when I was 15 at the Aldershot Snooker Centre.

Q: If you could choose to play another sport, what would it be?

Ronnie: “Probably Formula 1, I like driving.”

Q: Favourite World Championship?

Ronnie: “2012.”

Q: What’s your favourite car you’ve owned?

Ronnie: “R8 V-10 by a long shot. No, no – probably my RS4, because it was all-round.”

Q: What’s your favourite pre-match meal?

Ronnie: “I try not to eat much. Sometimes I fast up until about 1 o’clock if I’m playing at 2, then I’ll have a bit of chicken. Not too many carbs, because it can tire you out. I keep it light if I can.”

Q: How often do you change your tip? And soft, medium, or hard?

Ronnie: “I don’t mind soft or hard, as long as the fibers are not springy. I don’t care what the tip is. I’d probably get three months out of it.”

Q: Can you recall a favourite shot?

Ronnie: “I think it would be the left-handed last red against Ding (on his way to a 147 break in the Welsh 2014 Open final). It felt so sweet.”

“That shot, I remember watching it back and I got the gap between (pink and black). I didn’t play for the gap, but it was just because you’ve hit it well.”

Q: What’s your favourite food?

Ronnie: “My favourite would have to probably be a pasta.”

Q: Favourite venue?

Ronnie: “I used to like Motherwell, I really liked that – the Civic Centre. Goffs is obviously super charged, (but) I’d probably take Motherwell.”

Q: What’s the most random thing that you’ve every thought about when sat in your chair?

Ronnie: “It’s not really random, I think it quite a lot. ‘If I get out of here early enough, I’ll get a bit of grub. I’m not staying out here until half 10 or 11. I want to be out of here by 9 and have my feet up by half 9 or a quarter to 10.’ I’ve had them feelings quite a lot actually.”

“There’s only so much I’m prepared to give, because I feel like I want to be rich in enjoying my life. Even if I’m playing snooker, there’s loads of snooker tournaments. If I lose this one, does it really matter? It’s not that important.”

Watch the full video with Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O’Sullivan here.

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  1. Jay brannon

    Motherwell Civic Centre is a typically random O’Sullivan selection! He always seemed to hold the Newport Centre in great affection.

  2. I cannot understand why Ronnie has not been nighted yet he is a one off brilliant, I just love watching him.

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