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Star-studded lineup in CBSA Tour event semi-finals

Four professional players from the main tour will contest the semi-finals of the CBSA Tour tournament in Huangguoshu on Saturday.

Judd Trump will face Kyren Wilson while John Higgins will take on Yuan Sijun in the last four of the event in Guizhou province.

In a busy fourth day of the competition, Trump overcame Chinese duo Zhang Anda and Cao Yupeng with a brace of 4-1 scorelines.

Wilson, who Trump memorably lost to in the final of the Shanghai Masters eight years ago, recorded a couple of contrasting victories.

The Kettering cueist first pipped amateur Huang Jiahao in a decider before a more comprehensive whitewash of Mark Allen in the last eight.

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Higgins, meanwhile, ousted fellow Class of ’92 member and recent Championship League runner-up Mark Williams after beating Hong Kong’s Chang Yu Kiu.

The sole remaining competitor from China is Yuan, who continued his strong progress in the tournament with victories over countrymen Tu Xuan and Zhao Hanyang.

Both the semi-finals and final will take place on Saturday, with the winner set to earn 200,000 CNY (around £22,000).

The CBSA Tour event featured a 64-strong field including China’s highest ranked amateurs, some qualified players, and a group of marquee invites from the World Snooker Tour.

The semi-finals will again be contested over seven frames while the final will be best of nine.

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CBSA Tour Huangguoshu draw

Last 64
Chen Ruifu 4-0 Li Kai
Chang Yu Kiu 4-2 Zhou Jinhao
John Higgins 4-0 Gong Chenzhi
Jin Long 4-3 Qin Jianfeng
Gao Yang 4-2 Wang Xinzhong
Mark Williams 4-0 Yang Guoqiang
Li Jianbing 4-0 Barry Vesty
Wang Xinbo 4-3 Deng Haohui

Zhao Hanyang 4-1 Zhang Yang
Liang Xiaolong 4-3 Lei Peifan
Stephen Hendry 4-3 Zhong Lin
Cai Jianzhong 4-1 Ren Jiaxing
Tu Xuan 4-3 Huang Ziyi
Jack Lisowski 4-1 Lan Yuhao
Luo Zetao 4-3 Tang Hewen
Yuan Sijun 4-0 Qiu Yalong

Huang Jiahao 4-3 Li Yang
Li Chengjie 4-2 Li Zhen
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Cheung Ka Wai
Li Yan 4-3 Ren Zuijie
Yao Dongcheng 4-2 Chen Feilong
Mark Allen 4-2 Liu Wenwei
Chen Xialong 4-1 Yang Weihong
Mei Xiwen 4-1 Liu Jiaming

Wang Zepeng 4-3 Eden Sharav
Zhang Anda 4-0 Lei Zhenyu
Judd Trump 4-0 Bai Yulu
Ma Hailong 4-1 Yang Jiaxin
Zhou Yuelong 4-0 Deng Fuyi
Xiao Guodong 4-3 Ryan Day
Cao Yupeng 4-0 Xie Jintao
Liu Hongyu 4-1 Paruke Aierken

Last 32
Chang Yu Kiu 4-1 Chen Ruifu
John Higgins 4-1 Jin Long
Mark Williams 4-2 Gao Yang
Wang Xinbo 4-1 Li Jianbing
Zhao Hanyang 4-0 Liang Xiaolong
Cai Jianzhong 4-0 Stephen Hendry
Tu Xuan 4-2 Jack Lisowski
Yuan Sijun 4-0 Luo Zetao

Huang Jiahao 4-1 Li Chengjie
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Li Yan
Mark Allen 4-1 Yan Dongcheng
Mei Xiwen 4-1 Chen Xialong
Zhang Anda 4-2 Wang Zepeng
Judd Trump 4-0 Ma Hailong
Xiao Guodong 4-0 Zhou Yuelong
Cao Yupeng 4-2 Liu Hongyu

Last 16
John Higgins 4-0 Chang Yu Kiu
Mark Williams 4-2 Wang Xinbo
Zhao Hanyang 4-0 Cai Jianzhong
Yuan Sijun 4-1 Tu Xuan
Kyren Wilson 4-3 Huang Jiahao
Mark Allen 4-2 Mei Xiwen
Judd Trump 4-1 Zhang Anda
Cao Yupeng 4-2 Xiao Guodong

Last 8
John Higgins 4-2 Mark Williams
Yuan Sijun 4-3 Zhao Hanyang
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Mark Allen
Judd Trump 4-1 Cao Yupeng

Last 4 (Saturday, 4am BST)
John Higgins vs Yuan Sijun
Kyren Wilson vs Judd Trump

Final (Saturday, 12pm BST)
Higgins/Yuan vs Wilson/Trump

Featured photo credit: WST

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