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Top 10 most read snooker stories of 2023

We conclude our end-of-year review with a look back at some of the most read snooker stories from 2023 on this website.

It was a special year here on, with previous records eclipsed for the number of visitors welcomed and hits generated.

The site has received 2.2 million page views this year – smashing the previous record of almost 1.3 million hits in 2020.

Visitors have been welcomed from 224 countries and territories around the world, while this post represents the 416th that has been published here since January 1st.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to SnookerHQ’s success – both on this website and across our social media channels.

With your continued support, we can make 2024 even better.

Here are the top 10 most read snooker stories from 2023 on Happy New Year!

Top 10 most read snooker stories of 2023

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10. ‘In future I’ll not be human’ – Mark Allen sarcastically thanks WPBSA for fine

snooker news 2023
This article received almost 15,000 hits in 2023.

9. Championship League Snooker: 2023 draw, preview, schedule, how to watch

snooker news 2023
After the short summer break, fans were ready for the start of the new season. Image credit: Matchroom Multi Sport

8. Champion of Champions: semi-finals draw, preview, schedule

Champion of Champions schedule
The Champion of Champions was nearing its business end. Credit: Taka G Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport

7. Snooker rankings: update after the UK Championship

snooker rankings
Ronnie O’Sullivan extended his rankings lead after winning in York.

6. ‘Don’t compare things done in a circus’ – Neil Robertson on Shoot Out 147

Neil Robertson
Neil Robertson had his say on Shaun Murphy’s Shoot Out maximum.

5. Stephen Hendry – ‘It’s not the snooker I want to watch’

Stephen Hendry
Hendry didn’t enjoy the style of snooker during the World Championship semi-final between Mark Selby and Mark Allen.

4. Shaun Murphy – ‘it’s not a small amount of money that you’re offered to go’

Shaun Murphy
Shaun Murphy gives his take on the controversial situation involving the Macau Five.

3. Shaun Murphy defends Ronnie O’Sullivan – ‘he’s within the rules’

Shaun Murphy
Murphy insists O’Sullivan has done nothing wrong despite the Rocket’s spate of withdrawals this season.

2. Snooker rankings: final positions at the end of 2023

snooker rankings
The final standings on the official two-year rankings list in 2023.

1. Mark Allen – ‘I don’t see what he was trying to gain from it’

Mark Allen
In a post that received almost 80,000 hits, Allen shares his opinions on the O’Sullivan-Vafaei grudge match in Sheffield.

*The page for the World Championship draw was the most viewed overall – attracting about 650,000 hits – but it was excluded from this list as it wasn’t a story, preview, or report.

Photos courtesy of WST unless otherwise stated

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  1. I wouldn’t have thought a Championship League preview would make the top 10!

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