Stephen Lee Saga Goes On

Fresh information came to light today regarding the Stephen Lee saga but not much.

As already known by most, there have been constant delays to the hearing process – most of which appear to be labelled at Lee himself.

A lot can be said on the matter but for now, here, nothing will be. Except for the solitary fact that this has gone on for far too long and will (hopefully) now conclude just shy of a year after the case originally came to light.

WPBSA Statement: Stephen Lee

On 14th February 2013 Stephen Lee was charged with serious breaches of the WPBSA members rules (Betting Rules) in relation to 8 matches over 4 tournaments in 2008-9. As per the WPBSA Disciplinary Rules, the WPBSA requested that SR UK appoint an individual to sit as an independent Disciplinary Hearing Board to hear the case against him.

On 7th March 2013 Adam Lewis QC was appointed by SR UK to act as the Independent Disciplinary Hearing Board.  A timetable was set down for the proceedings and this was agreed by those representing Mr Lee. The WPBSA  has met all the requirements set down by the Independent Disciplinary Hearing Board, unfortunately Mr Lee has not. This has caused significant delays to the process which have been compounded by Mr Lee changing his legal advisers on three occasions.

On Monday 17th June 2013, Mr Lewis set a new timetable for the proceedings and a date of 9th September 2013 for the case to be heard.

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