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It’s There! Dear John

Over the course of the World Championship I’ve challenged one snooker aficionado to highlight the best quirky, outlandish, unusual, laughable and questionable observations of each day.

As if to further enhance his (or her!) alter ego as snooker’s sleeper, this spy has elected to go through the tournament in disguise.

JP on MC duty in 2013 - photo courtesy of Monique Limbos.
JP on MC duty in 2013 – photo courtesy of Monique Limbos.

Read below for the latest offering, but who is behind the Free Ball?

Dear John
By Free Ball

I found it very amusing watching John Parrott squirm in his seat, as Bazza discussed the upcoming tweaks to his New Age behemoth of snooker. JP’s main gripe appeared to be about the format of the new style World qualifiers, and their proximity to the Crucible’s last 32.

Fair enough. But Hearn agreed with him, saying it is unfortunate. Due to the snooker calendar and other tournament contracts, nothing can be done for now concerning their mere three-day gap. With regards to the format? Get used to it, is the chairman’s ethos. A level playing field for all in practically every tournament seems very fair in my view. Also, logistically it’s not far to walk from Ponds Forge to the Crucible. Sorry..

I don’t mind John Parrott, even though he beat Jimmy White in ’91. I think he’s a good analyst and also has a decent rapport with the players. I would say though, that maybe away from BBC duties, he would do a little more watching and research into the up and coming players. For someone who wants to appear insightful, all too often for many years I hear the line “I haven’t really heard of this young fella”, or words to that effect, come out of his mouth. I do like you, John! Maybe a bit less time at the races is required.

Meanwhile, Bazza Big Boss must have been licking his London chops with delight last night. Snooker of the highest order played in both evening sessions. The only misfortune was that it was only played out by three players. Come on, Ronnie! Motivate!!

Keep an eye out for the next dose of ‘It’s There!’ by Free Ball throughout the 2015 World Championship.

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