Masters Quizzes

The problem with creating so many quizzes is that eventually you start running out of topics to cover.

That said, it’d be rude to go through a whole Masters edition and not provide a few teasers for you to have a go at.

Last year, we perhaps went a bit overkill by unleashing three quizzes in quick succession so, note to self, space them out a bit better!

Anyway, those quizzes have been updated from 12 months ago with one glaring mistake deleted that oddly nobody pointed out in the past – got away with that one.

The question is, again, how well do you know the Masters?

Click here to take the Masters Finalists QUIZ

Click here to take the Masters Trivia QUIZ

Click here to take the Masters Players QUIZ

NOTE: Players who share the same surname as another player in the answer should be written in full.


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