old snooker events

QUIZ! Last Winners of Old Snooker Events

There are complaints here and there, as there always will be in every walk of life, but snooker is generally in an extremely healthy position at present.

old snooker events
Which one won the deciding frame of the last Wuxi Classic?

With 20 ranking events and several other invitationals to contest throughout a hectic 2018/19 campaign, the players have never been so busy and it’s a far cry from a mere decade ago when there would be weeks and even months in between tournaments.

Certain aspects here and there can always be improved upon but it’s important to not be too greedy and remember that an empire isn’t built in a day.

Snooker’s future for the most part looks bright with a continuous conveyor belt of competitions, fresh talent emerging from newer territories like China and mainland Europe, as well as exploding prize funds.

The Champion of Champions in Coventry that is ongoing this week boasts a winner’s cheque of £100,000, which amazingly is an average jackpot in snooker’s current climate.

Still, with a strong line-up every year and a well-liked venue in the form of the Ricoh Arena, the Champion of Champions seemingly has a future as a permanent fixture on the calendar.

However, since the original snooker boom around four decades ago, there have been numerous old snooker events that have come and gone from our diaries.

The likes of the Irish, Canadian, and Thailand Masters were once permanent destinations on the map each season but several have seen their last days and been replaced with something else.

This quiz then will take a trip down memory lane and see if you can remember who was the last player to etch his name on some of the trophies that were formerly fought for.

The question is, who were the last winners of old snooker events?

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