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QUIZ! Ranking Event Winners in the 1990s

We had the last decade a couple of days ago so let’s take a trip further back down memory lane with the ranking event winners of the 1990s.

Highlights from the final decade of the last century included Ireland’s stranglehold of the Eurovision Song Contest, the conclusion of Dallas, and the introduction of the Nokia 3210.

While it was indeed difficult to topple those lofty headlines, snooker tried its best and was still riding the crest of a wave that began in the 1980s with the sport’s original boom.

More tournaments and more prize money meant that there was plenty of snooker to enjoy on the television throughout this decade.

The game was changing too with a flurry of younger and more attack-minded entertainers entering the circuit and transforming the sport’s image.

It meant that fast-flowing and crash-bang-wallop snooker replaced the old tippy-tappy approach of the 1980s.

One man – it’s not really a spoiler, is it? – completely dominated the period from 1990 until 1999 and the number of titles that he amassed is truly incredible.

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That said, it might be a little surprising to see how many, or indeed how few, some of his rivals managed to collect as well.

All in all, there were 20 different competitors who managed to etch their names onto silverware during this decade.

This is in comparison to the 22 who did so during the first decade of the new millennium and the 32 who have so far achieved the feat during the current decade.

The question is, how many ranking event winners from the 1990s can you remember?

Ranking Event Winners in the 1990s

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