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Snooker Quiz! A or B #3

It’s Tuesday, I think, which for absolutely no reason means that there is another teaser for you to enjoy.

This new snooker quiz follows the same format as the previous two in the “A or B” series.

The first two tests were played more than 5,000 times, so you either love them or are painfully retrying again and again in the hope of finally making it to the end.

Even if it’s not true, I’m just going to assume it’s the former option.

In this new snooker quiz, your mission is to answer 15 questions in the time allotted, with the straightforward choice of two options to select from in each.

Be careful because it’s a minefield, meaning any wrong answer will end the quiz and you’ll have to start from the beginning again.

In theory, the questions should be a little easier at the start before getting a bit trickier as the timeline progresses, but in reality it’s all simply about what you know and what you don’t – and maybe a few lucky guesses thrown in for good measure.

The question is, will you pick the right one and make it to the end?

Click here if you can’t see the quiz (Sporcle)



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