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QUIZ! End-of-Season Snooker Rankings (2000s Edition)

How many top-16 members can you remember from this decade?

It has been a somewhat chaotic opening couple of days in the Scottish Open, but there’s always time for a snooker quiz around these parts – this time testing you again on the old rankings.

The first round of the latest ranking event was completed on Tuesday as the schedule at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes got back on track.

Delays in the return of COVID-19 results on the opening day resulted in several matches being postponed, including Judd Trump’s clash with Alexander Ursenbacher.

However, the extra day’s rest following the 31 year-old’s narrow defeat to Neil Robertson in the final of the UK Championship on Sunday night probably did him the world of good.

Trump, who is bidding for a third Home Nations crown of the campaign after his prior successes in the English and Northern Ireland Opens, beat the Swiss challenger 4-1.

With ten ranking-event victories in total since the beginning of last year the Englishman is way out in front as the world number one this season, and it’s to the snooker rankings that we return to for today’s quiz.

In the last teaser, your knowledge was tested with the top-16 standings at the end of each campaign during the 2010s decade.

On this occasion, it’s a little further back in time with the period between 2000 and 2009 in question.

The tour structure throughout the pre-Barry Hearn era was quite different with not quite as many ranking events to contend for.

Indeed, in this period the points system used to determine the rankings list was updated only once every year, guaranteeing protection for the top 16 in the world who would subsequently qualify for the venue stages of every event.

It meant that changes inside the elite bracket were a little bit rarer compared to nowadays, when the bottom places of the top 16 alter quite regularly.

For this quiz then, your task is to name the top 16 members on the end-of-season rankings – that is, the official standings after the World Snooker Championship each year – between the 1999/00 and 2008/09 campaigns.

The question is, how many can you get right?

Click here if you can’t see the quiz.

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