Champion of Champions snooker players

QUIZ! Champion of Champions snooker players

Can you name all the snooker players who have competed in the Champion of Champions since 2013?

An annual fixture on the calendar for ten years, the Champion of Champions has become a fan favourite within the sport.

The invitational boasts a prestigious field of mostly winners from the previous twelve months, and it’s generally a hit among regular viewers of the game.

This year’s edition has already produced some memorable action at the University of Bolton Stadium.

Without revealing any spoilers ahead of the quiz, Tuesday’s mini group was particularly dramatic with all three matches ending in deciders and the outsider of the four contenders reaching the semi-finals for the first time.

Although there was another guise of the Champion of Champions several decades ago, we’ll be focusing on the modern version that was relaunched back in 2013.

Since then, there have been 49 cueists from various snooker tours who have been invited to participate in the non-ranking tournament that is promoted by Matchroon Sport.

Obvious answers will include world, UK, and Masters champions from the last ten or so years.

However, there will be a few obscure winners too, with some of the events that used to count towards the invitation process now not even featuring on the calendar.

You have ten minutes to get all the answers, and you can speed up the process by writing just the surnames.

The question is, how many Champion of Champions snooker players since 2013 can you remember?

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Featured photo credit: @ChampOfChamps

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