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Judd Trump wins CBSA Tour event

Judd Trump won the CBSA Tour event in China with a 5-1 victory over John Higgins on Saturday.

The Englishman secured his first piece of silverware of the 2023/24 snooker season with a resounding triumph against the Scot.

Earlier in the day, Trump overcame Kyren Wilson in a tight semi-final encounter that lasted the full seven frames and went to a decider.

It was the only time the 33 year-old was troubled throughout the week as he generally dominated his opponents in Guizhou province.

Trump earns 200,000 CNY from the tournament’s prize fund, which converts to about £22,000.

Sanctioned by the Chinese Billiards and Snooker Association, the CBSA Tour event near the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall featured a 64-strong field.

Eight high-profile international stars including Trump and Higgins were invited to take part in addition to the highest ranked Chinese amateurs, a selection of the country’s pros, and other qualified players.

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Higgins, who compiled the highest break of the week with a 143 contribution, had reached the title decider with a 4-0 defeat of Yuan Sijun in the semi-finals.

Trump’s next outing on the World Snooker Tour, meanwhile, will be later in August when the European Masters takes place in Nuremberg.

CBSA Tour Huangguoshu draw

Last 64
Chen Ruifu 4-0 Li Kai
Chang Yu Kiu 4-2 Zhou Jinhao
John Higgins 4-0 Gong Chenzhi
Jin Long 4-3 Qin Jianfeng
Gao Yang 4-2 Wang Xinzhong
Mark Williams 4-0 Yang Guoqiang
Li Jianbing 4-0 Barry Vesty
Wang Xinbo 4-3 Deng Haohui

Zhao Hanyang 4-1 Zhang Yang
Liang Xiaolong 4-3 Lei Peifan
Stephen Hendry 4-3 Zhong Lin
Cai Jianzhong 4-1 Ren Jiaxing
Tu Xuan 4-3 Huang Ziyi
Jack Lisowski 4-1 Lan Yuhao
Luo Zetao 4-3 Tang Hewen
Yuan Sijun 4-0 Qiu Yalong

Huang Jiahao 4-3 Li Yang
Li Chengjie 4-2 Li Zhen
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Cheung Ka Wai
Li Yan 4-3 Ren Zuijie
Yao Dongcheng 4-2 Chen Feilong
Mark Allen 4-2 Liu Wenwei
Chen Xialong 4-1 Yang Weihong
Mei Xiwen 4-1 Liu Jiaming

Wang Zepeng 4-3 Eden Sharav
Zhang Anda 4-0 Lei Zhenyu
Judd Trump 4-0 Bai Yulu
Ma Hailong 4-1 Yang Jiaxin
Zhou Yuelong 4-0 Deng Fuyi
Xiao Guodong 4-3 Ryan Day
Cao Yupeng 4-0 Xie Jintao
Liu Hongyu 4-1 Paruke Aierken

Last 32
Chang Yu Kiu 4-1 Chen Ruifu
John Higgins 4-1 Jin Long
Mark Williams 4-2 Gao Yang
Wang Xinbo 4-1 Li Jianbing
Zhao Hanyang 4-0 Liang Xiaolong
Cai Jianzhong 4-0 Stephen Hendry
Tu Xuan 4-2 Jack Lisowski
Yuan Sijun 4-0 Luo Zetao

Huang Jiahao 4-1 Li Chengjie
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Li Yan
Mark Allen 4-1 Yan Dongcheng
Mei Xiwen 4-1 Chen Xialong
Zhang Anda 4-2 Wang Zepeng
Judd Trump 4-0 Ma Hailong
Xiao Guodong 4-0 Zhou Yuelong
Cao Yupeng 4-2 Liu Hongyu

Last 16
John Higgins 4-0 Chang Yu Kiu
Mark Williams 4-2 Wang Xinbo
Zhao Hanyang 4-0 Cai Jianzhong
Yuan Sijun 4-1 Tu Xuan
Kyren Wilson 4-3 Huang Jiahao
Mark Allen 4-2 Mei Xiwen
Judd Trump 4-1 Zhang Anda
Cao Yupeng 4-2 Xiao Guodong

Last 8
John Higgins 4-2 Mark Williams
Yuan Sijun 4-3 Zhao Hanyang
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Mark Allen
Judd Trump 4-1 Cao Yupeng

Last 4
John Higgins 4-0 Yuan Sijun
Judd Trump 4-3 Kyren Wilson

Judd Trump 5-1 John Higgins

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