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QUIZ! Snooker Event Winners in 2020

Plenty of tournaments were staged despite the scheduling problems caused by COVID-19.

With this year drawing to a close it’s time to start the annual review and what better way than with a quiz for the snooker event winners of 2020.

It was a testing calendar year for everybody involved within the sport, with so many difficulties arising in relation to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The snooker family has become used to travelling all around the world to compete in various events, but almost all of the winners this year were crowned on British soil.

For the first time since 2004, there were no competitions held in mainland China while the likes of Thailand, India, Latvia, and even nearby locations like Northern Ireland and Scotland were avoided.

Instead, the entirety of the second half of the year was spent in Milton Keynes, with the Marshall Arena doubling up as both a venue and an accommodation bubble that could safely house the players and staff for events on the calendar.

Between the middle of March and early June, there was an enforced empty space on the schedule that resulted in the World Championship being reshuffled for a summer slot for the first time.

Yet, even though conditions were markedly different, particularly the fact that no snooker fans were allowed in to watch the action unfold each week, the event winners generally remained the same, hailing from the usual crop of champions that tends to dominate each year regardless of the situation.

That said, while the professional Main Tour managed to successfully get going again amid the COVID-19 crisis, it hasn’t been as easy for the additional tours.

There was no Women’s World Championship and numerous events on the seniors, disability, and amateur tours have been postponed or cancelled.

Still, in today’s quiz there are 24 snooker event winners from 2020 to test yourself with.

The question is, how many can you remember?

Note: Change the tournament by clicking the “Next” or “Prev” buttons.

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