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QUIZ! Last Winners of Old Snooker Events

Some ended recently and others have been gone for several decades.

Next season the British Open will be back on the calendar for the first time in 17 years, and it got me thinking about the last winners of old snooker events.

Despite interruptions to the calendar over the course of the last year and a half, professional snooker is generally in a healthy state with a variety of tournaments on the schedule to keep the players busy and the fans entertained.

Milton Keynes was the go-to destination during the unprecedented 2020/21 campaign, but in normal times the competitors usually become familiar with venues outside the UK in the likes of mainland Europe and China.

It is hoped that many of the venues that have staged competitions in these areas over the last few years will make a return to the calendar in due course, which will continue to help the players earn a good living from the game.

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Meanwhile, going further back into snooker history, there have been a significant number of events that have bitten the dust, probably never to be included again in our diaries.

A tournament that was a permanent fixture for more than two decades until its demise in 2004, the British Open that is set to be resurrected in August is an exception of course.

The likes of the Irish, Canadian, and Thailand Masters, though, were once permanent destinations on the map each season but these and several others have seen their last days to instead be replaced by something else.

This quiz then will take a trip down memory lane and see if you can remember who was the last player to etch his name on some of the familiar trophies that were formerly fought for.

The question is, who were the last winners of old snooker events?

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  1. Jamie Brannon

    A return for the World Matchplay would be pleasing. The long format of that event appealed greatly.

    I also would like the World Masters, held only in 1991, to return as it contained a distinctive flavour with the Wimbledon-style list of differing events and disciplines.

    You could envisage the Wuxi Classic or the Indian Open returning at some point.

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