Players with more than 20 Crucible matches

New Quiz: Snooker Trivia V

There are still four days to go until the International Championship qualifiers take place at the Metrodome in Barnsley. For those of you who aren’t already aware, fans can go to the venue and watch the action for free from Wednesday to Saturday. This is a great opportunity to see[Read More…]

New Quiz: Snooker Trivia IV

We have a small lull again in the calendar after the conclusion of the Shanghai Masters that saw 23 year-old Kyren Wilson collect his maiden ranking event title. Thankfully, this is one of our last periods of vacation as the season begins to gather pace in October, with plenty of action[Read More…]

New Quiz: Snooker Trivia II

On Saturday, I started a new general snooker knowledge speed round style of quiz. The reaction was mixed, with some liking the quick tempo and others describing it as a little too hard. Question four seemed to stump a lot of people, who clearly only remember Paul Hunter’s Plan B[Read More…]

New Quiz: Snooker Trivia I

Over the last couple of months I’ve been happy to bring you a few quizzes as a bit of lighthearted relief during the down periods on the calendar. We’ve done several specific ones – period, tournament, player, ranking, etc. – but a kind of test that has been lacking so[Read More…]

New Quiz: Most Match Victories

Contrary to the current state of the calendar, there are actually quite a lot of matches contested throughout each season. According to the excellent CueTracker snooker database, a total of 3076 competitors have played a professional match. Some, like poor old Rogelio Esteiro, have played in many – in his[Read More…]